Ultrafast spin dynamics laboratory (USDL) is a research group led by Prof. Kab-Jin Kim of KAIST (Korea Advanced Institue of Science and Techology), department of physics.

We are currently researching on spintronics and magnetism. In condensed matter physics, one of the most important physical property is spin, which is directly connected to magnetism. We are trying to observe and interpretate the spin dynamics in the magnetic materials, and apply it to the development of spintronic memory or logic devices.

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  마법에서 과학으로: 자석과 스핀트로닉스

저자 김갑진

자석의 근원부터 최첨단 스핀트로닉스까지,
독자의 호기심을 일깨우는 마법 같은 과학책

어렵게만 느껴지던 물리의 재미를 알게 되는 마법 같은 과학책!
왼손 방향 회전 스핀파를 세계 최초로 증명한 물리학자 김갑진,
자석에 이끌리듯 그가 이끄는 대로 질문의 여정을 따라가다 보면
어느새 자석과 전기, 스핀을 이해하게 된다!

Recent Publication

Journal of Korean Magnetics Society 31(5), 208 (2021) 

San Ko, Geun-Hee Lee, Kab-Jin Kim and Byong-Guk Park 
"Spin orbit torque-driven magnetic domain wall majority gate"

Selected as cover article, "Editor's choice"

국문 해설 보기(review in Korean)

Scientific Reports 11, 20884 (2021) 

Ji-Ho Park, Hye-Won Ko, Jeong-Mok Kim, Jungmin Park, Seung-Young Park, Younghun Jo, Byong-Guk Park, Se Kwon Kim, Kyung-Jin Lee,
   and Kab-Jin Kim 
"Temperature dependence of intrinsic and extrinsic contributions to anisotropic magnetoresistance"

국문 해설 보기(review in Korean)

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