Research areas topics on Spintronics

Ferrimagnetic spintronics

  • Ferrimagnetic spin dynamics - Domain wall motion at compensation point, Ferrimagntic vortex
  • Ferrimagnetic spin transport - Unconventional magnetoresistance, Unidirectional magnetoresistance in ferrimagnet

  • Terahertz spintronics

  • THz magnetic oscillator related to spin precession, domain wall precession
  • THz magnetic spectroscopy for discovering fundamental properties of electron transport

  • Spintronic devices

  • Logic device using domain wall, skyrmion
  • Memory device using Bloch line, skyrmion
  • Magnonic devices - Spin wave array antenna, Magnon transistor

  • Other subjects about spintroncis

  • Thermal gradient-iduced spintronic phenomena (Anomalous Nernst Effect, etc.)
  • Magnetic effect due to ion migration
  • Low-dimensional spintronics